Executive Academy Head
Mr. Scott

Class teachers:
Bumble Bees (Reception) - Mrs. Squance
Honey Bees (Years 1 and 2) - Miss Brown 
Worker Bees (Years 3 and 4) - Mr. Bosence
Carpenter Bees (Years 5 and 6)  - Mrs. Ley
Specialist Teachers 
Mr. Luxa - PE
 Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Miss Lavin-Ford 
Mrs Wilson - Forest School Lead
Teaching Assistants:
Mrs. Pearce 
Mrs. Drew
Pre-school staff:
Mrs. Grist
Mrs. Mercer
Mrs. Harling
Miss Pearce (Maternity Leave)
Miss Gill
Mrs Laity
School Administrator
Mrs McCracken
Lunch time Supervisors:
Mrs. Pearce
Miss Lavin-Ford

Breakfast Club:
Miss Lavin-Ford
Mrs Drew 
After School Clubs:
Mrs Wilson
Miss Lavin-Ford
Mr Luxa